Managing Services and Products

Corporate Communications Resources understands that no two clients are the same. Thus, we design the best group of services and products to meet the needs of each client which are efficient and cost effective. With our flexibility and experience, we are able to add or remove services and products at any point as the client evolves and grows. We are the one point of contact for any needed support in regard to the clients’ communications infrastructure. We are available 24/7 for technical support, issues, inquiries, and resolution.

Below are a few of the services Corporate Communications Resources offers:

Communications Strategy

Corporate Communications Resources analyzes existing communications (i.e., voice and data) of the client to determine where investments are spent. By performing an analysis and review of the current telecom services and inventory, Corporate Communications Resources makes recommendations to meet evolving needs, consolidate equipment and services, dissolve any unused equipment and services, upgrade any obsolete equipment and services, implement changes, maintain and manage the implemented communications infrastructure.

How We Develop the Communications Strategy

Detailed planning and coordination is a critical requirement for the successful execution and installation of a communication infrastructure.

Assess: What are you currently doing?
Corporate Communications Resources evaluates the clients existing communications infrastructures in relation to performance, inventory, cost, and need.

Define: Where do you want to be?
Corporate Communications Resources collaborates with the client to determine their goals and expectations, such as performance requirement, savings potential, as well as IT and communications infrastructure anticipations.

Develop: How do we get you there?
Corporate Communications Resources creates a strategy that positions clients to achieve optimal performance and recommend the associated services and products that best meet the clients’ goals.

Identify: What metrics do you want to use to measure performance?
Corporate Communications Resources establishes metrics and targets to monitor business performance, such as savings, performance, trouble tickets opened and closed, billing reimbursements, etc. which benefit the individual client.

Implement: Getting you where you want to be.
Corporate Communications Resources launches the communications strategy to administer the determined services and products. We negotiate all service contracts, consolidate equipment and services and manage the entire implementation process while measuring performance metrics and target goals.

Audit of Services and Products

With communications technologies constantly evolving, it is often difficult to remain up-to-date with offered services and products. Below are a few of the areas Corporate Communications Resources specializes in to best assist clients and their growing business needs.

Voice Communications
There is an increasing need to stay in contact with those involved with businesses and to have a reliable platform that ensures communication with employees, clients, and associates. Corporate Communications Resources has the experience to set up and maintain dependable platforms that are flexible and can grow as clients’ businesses evolve.

Additionally, businesses are becoming increasingly mobile. Corporate Communications Resources is experienced in managing mobile devices (i.e., tablets, smartphones, other wireless devices). We are able to support the management of those devices, such as procurement, a single point of contact for all issues, customer service, decommissioning, upgrades, upgrades for international travel, and pooling plans. Additionally, Corporate Communications Resources is able to eliminate wasteful spending with detailed reporting, streamlined billing, and visibility into billing history to optimize voice and data plans by gaining insights from company-wide usage patterns.

In an increasingly mobile world, it is imperative that messaging abilities are present when employees are more likely to work from home, have more flexibility to remote in to the office, and ultimately need to be more accessible outside of the office. Corporate Communications Resources is here to help their clients find the best solutions for managing messaging abilities to be more productive and collaborative in a business world with increasingly mobile employees.

In a mobile business environment, it is important to have the capability of voice and visual conferencing. Conferencing is beneficial for businesses in regard to not incurring the costs of travel for face to face meetings and having the capability to meet and converse almost anywhere. Corporate Communications is experienced with implementing reliable, quality audio, voice and visual conferencing. We manage the integration process and training, for ease of use and to minimize confusion.

WAN, Internet, Network, and Connectivity
Enhanced connectivity with the right bandwidth and reliability for the client is imperative. In a world that is increasingly using mobile devices, wireless coverage is a necessity. Corporate Communications Resources does the work for the client to request bids from multiple carriers, consolidate the information, and recommend and present the bids to the client so the best carrier, service, and solutions may be selected. Upon making a decision, Corporate Communications Resources is prepared to implement connectivity, manage payment, and maintain service.

Ordering and Cancelling Services and Products

Ordering or cancelling services and products can be a time-consuming task. Corporate Communications Resources has over 25 years of experience ordering and cancelling services and products. We develop Request for Proposal’s and send them out for bid to ensure that the client is receiving the best balance between functional and cost effective to meet their needs. We have streamlined the process of new site set-up for services and products, office relocations, new orders for services, and closing site services. Corporate Communications Resources has the experience to manage ordering, transfer of ownership, and cancelling services while ensuring that the services are tailored to the clients’ business and are cost effective.

Installation Management

Corporate Communications Resources has an existing network of over 10,000 highly trained technicians across the country available for support within our Structured Wire Services department. We are able to dispatch technicians onsite for service installations, programming, maintenance, diagnostics, and training for locations across the country on all aspects of IT, data/voice, cabling and equipment. With our existing network of technicians, we are able to send Request for Proposal’s out for bid to ensure the client is receiving competitive pricing from technicians who are experienced. Corporate Communications Resources works with the client and technicians to ensure that installation of services and products are efficiently implemented. We manage the entire endeavor and ensure that all necessary requirements are met. Below are examples of the items we consider prior to installation:


Determine the products or services being installed:
Examples: wireless technology, time clocks, ceiling microphones, A/V equipment, speakers, paging systems, voice and data networks, etc.

Determine which cabling is fundamental to the products or services (i.e., fundamental to voice, video, and data):

  • Cabling options: fiber optic, copper cable, coaxial cable, Cat3, Cat5, Cat6, Cat6e.etc.
  • Is high or low voltage wiring needed?

Ensure power requirements are met

Determine cable routing

  • Consider the layout of the building to determine the most efficient and cost-effective path for installation
  • Key location points to identify: entrance facilities, telecom rooms, equipment rooms, existing conduit and cabling, and external access points.

Determine if any additional equipment will be needed
Examples: backbone cabling, horizontal cabling, wire molds, decorative duct

Help Desk

Corporate Communications Resources is the one point of contact for all communications needs. We are available 24/7 to assist nationwide and resolve any communications issues. Clients do not encounter an automated system when they need assistance; at Corporate Communications Resources, we ensure the client speaks with a live person to best help them and get immediate service and assistance. Clients no longer need to worry about the necessary tools, manpower, or the time it takes to manage devices and communications needs. All clients need to do is place one call to us, and we handle the rest to ensure that solutions are met efficiently and quickly. We provide technical support, hardware support, and specialists across many skill sets. Corporate Communications Resources is a true partner to manage issues efficiently and cost effectively.

Contract Management

Corporate Communications Resources has over 25 years of experience in contract management and negotiations for all communications services (i.e., local, long distance, cellular, data, etc.). Due to our neutrality from not accepting any form of payment from any service provider, manufacturer, vendor, or third-party company, we assist clients in selecting the right vendor/provider that is tailored to their business. We are able to oversee the carrier relationship and manage any communications project needed by our clients.

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