About Us

Corporate Communications Resources is based out of Knoxville, Tennessee and acts as the one point of contact for clients regarding their communications needs. Communications technologies are constantly evolving. Since our founding in 1990 and with over 30 plus years of experience, we specialize in designing and implementing complete communications management infrastructures for all sizes of businesses. Our proven methodology analyzes and recommends improvement opportunities and ensures solutions are designed to address specific client problems.

Our goal is to maximize clients’ savings potential, minimize administrative costs, and streamline the IT and communications management processes.

Corporate Communications Resources is here to help clients make the best communications decisions to benefit their businesses. We gather the information, present a custom package of products and services that best suit the client, and manage clients’ communications infrastructures. We are here to alleviate confusion about which solutions are best for our clients’ businesses. We devote our time to managing clients’ communications services, thus freeing up their valuable time for their business.

Corporate Communications Resources is the best solution for communications management since we solely represent the client. We do not act as an agent or partner for any service provider, manufacturer, or vendor. We do not accept gratuities from third party companies; thus, we are an unbiased source of information for decision making and assistance available 24/7.

Learn how we can help streamline your communications management infrastructure!