Managing Costs

Corporate Communications Resources is the perfect partner for communications expense management. Since 1990, we have eliminated wasteful spending for clients by performing audits of carrier services with each invoice resulting in transparency into spending and billing history, proactively monitoring errors, monitoring overcharges and unauthorized charges, and tracking down hidden costs. By identifying disputes based on the invoice totals, Corporate Communications Resources takes the next step in recouping billing errors, overcharges, unauthorized charges, hidden costs, and credit retrievals. By actively managing billing errors, we provide clients with clear and concise billing which identifies savings, manages costs, and insights into spending patterns and billing history.

Below are a few examples of how Corporate Communications Resources manages clients’ costs:

Carrier Service Audits
Monitor Billing Errors, Overcharges, Unauthorized Charges, and Hidden Costs
Invoice Processing and E-Billing
Disputing Bills
Recouping Billing Errors, Overcharges, Unauthorized Charges, and Hidden Costs
Credit Retrievals
Concise Billing
Spending Patterns in Billing History
Monitor Users Under Contract
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