Corporate Communications has been a partner to Regal in all aspects of telecommunications for over two decades.  Services they provide include provisioning and administration of telephone lines, data connectivity, and satellite TV.  In addition, they provide project management services for many strategic telecommunications efforts, contract negotiations, new construction, and renovation projects; as well as, Invoice processing, billing errors, carrier audits and credit retrievals in regard to managing our telecommunications costs.  Their responsiveness, knowledge, attention to detail, and customer-centric focus set them apart from being just another vendor.  They operate as a valued and trusted extension of our department and I enthusiastically recommend Joanna and her staff.

Brandon Stroud, Director of IT Theatre Infrastructure Services, Regal Entertainment Group, part of Cineworld Group plc

I have had the pleasure of working with Joanna and all the people at Corporate Communications for over 30 years. They are knowledgeable, hardworking and dedicated to helping find solutions to our communications needs. The communications industry is fast moving and I do not have the expertise to keep up with the ever changing world, which is why I rely on Joanna and her team. Regardless of business size, I would highly recommend any business to work with Corporate Communications for all their communications needs.

Bob Pemberton, President of Pemberton Truck Lines, Inc.

Corporate Communications supplies us with the expertise we internally lack, which is necessary for managing our communications systems. Due to balancing cell phone services, business lines, phone systems, and long distance services at multiple locations that are provided by multiple vendors, I considered our systems complex and difficult to manage when service failures occurred. Corporate Communications has the experience to manage our communications systems and quickly determine the underlying cause for service outages. Corporate Communications provides the expertise when dealing with multiple vendors and determining solutions. In addition, they are an excellent source of information when selecting vendors, reviewing and renewing services, and obtaining the best service for the best value. I would not hesitate in recommending Corporate Communications as an added resource to your business.

Jim Jablonski, President of Landmark International Trucks, Inc.

I consider Corporate Communications to be a trusted business partner, and have relied on their experience, contacts and expertise to help maximize our telecommunication services while minimizing costs for over 21 years. Your business needs the services of the Corporate Communications team led by Joanna McCarroll.

Rick Campbell, Information Technology Professional in the Theatrical Exhibition Industry

As a Technical Specialist for one of the nation’s largest retail auto and over-the-road trucking fuel providers, I have had the opportunity of working alongside and being responsible for contracting wiring vendors for new property development, remodels and telecommunications repairs. Structured Wire Services has provided 25 years of dedicated, professional and respectful services at every project site. The Structured Wire Services team has been integral in supporting technology growth, advising on best practices, and providing emergency solutions and support, earning this team over two decades of respect and being the top ranked vendor of choice. It can be said with certainty that Structured Wire Services has not missed a contract deadline in over 25 years of service. Most important in our businesses, they have never failed to complete or develop a solution to complex wiring and hardware issues. They have proven to put the customer first, as well as demonstrated commitment to excellence through continued service and support on completed projects when changes or systems modifications are required. When selecting a structured wiring vendor, I propose asking one question: “How many structured wiring companies can claim 25 years of being the vendor of choice for a company that has expanded over 300% in that time period?” I am happy to provide personal experiences and recommendations. Please contact Joanna McCarroll for my contact information.

Technical Specialist, Retail Fuel Industry

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